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For new customers, QMS is available exclusively through a select number of partners who can provide you with tailored pricing and quotation for your website subscription.

QMS is widely-used and valued amongst many digital, design and branding agencies. Enquire through your referral source in order to find the module that best suits your business needs.

All pricing structures are dealt directly through agencies. However, as a way of saying welcome, make sure you mention the Coupon Code QMSJu03, and you’ll receive your first month’s subscription free! No matter the size of your site or strategy, we are confident you’ll find what you need in QMS.

Keep an eye on this page by signing up through the notification box below. Soon, we’ll be available directly to provide access to direct subscription for the market, as opposed to dealing through agency third parties – which means you’ll be able to directly signup for our services and manage your account and payments through QMS.