How can you engage your customers and improve your search traffic?

Many ways, but one of the best is by having news on your site. News sites are amongst the most popular on the Internet. The Sydney Morning Herald gets over 4.7 million readers every month. News addresses a deep human need to find out about what’s new and what’s important. While you may never become a news site, you can learn from the success of these sites in attracting readers and utilise the same principles to bring more traffic to your site.

News will drive people to your site

In September 2013, Google released their Hummingbird update. Not only was it one of their biggest changes ever but it also greatly increased the importance of fresh content. News is a great source of fresh content, so by having a news section on your site you increase how attractive your site looks to Google. In Australia, over 90% of searches are performed on Google, so if you get to the top of Google, then you get to the top of the web.

In addition to contributing to your rankings, a news section can also lead to your site showing up for more search terms. For example, if you run a dental practice then you might post a news article on the dangers of getting dentistry done overseas. Not only does this benefit your customers but a well-written article has a good chance of being ranked highly for that search term and generating more traffic for your site. In other words, a news section will help you to generate traffic from a broader range of keywords.

And it will lead to more page views and more time spent on your site

It’s one thing to get people to your site but it’s quite another to get them to stay there. The longer that visitors stay on your site the more pages they are reading and the more they are learning about your products and services. Your potential customers don’t know all of the things that you do to make your business great. A news section is a great way to educate your customers about your business and by breaking that education process into newsworthy pieces, you make that process more engaging.

Ultimately it improves your conversion

By having a news section on your site, you can get more traffic and better engagement and that leads to more contacts from customers, which is one of the main reasons for a website in the first place.
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